Cashless Payment, Entrance & Access Control, Staff Management …
Event Digitization

PurpleX is a cashless payment system for festivals, conferences and other events. In a modular approach we provide solutions for other use cases as well, like entrance and access control, accreditation and badge printing, attendee and session tracking, staff management.

Cashless Payment

Your visitors charge RFID chips in the form of a chipcard or integrated into their wristband. This happens upfront online in a webshop or at a cashless point at your event venue. During the event your clients pay easy and cashless at every sales point. Remaining amounts will be cashed out at the cashless points or later online.

Cashless Payment

Users pay onsite quick and easy without cash by RFID technology.

Entrance control

Entrance control with scanners and interfaces to various ticketing providers, easy guestlist management

Staff Management

Accreditation, time tracking and performance reviews

Session Management

Session booking with access control and attendee tracking


Get money packages upfront online.

Access Control

Access control with scanners to special areas like VIP, Backstage, Production office via RFID or QR

Data reviews

Detailed data and billing of the event

Badge Printing

Badge Printing for your conference with flexible layouts, additionally with qr code or rfid

PurpleX advantages considering cashless payment

  • more secure than using cash
  • offline first approach – no network / internet needed
  • scalable and fail safe
  • 15-30% revenue increase
  • Detailes data reviews
  • easy usage and handy devices

Statistics for 2019


mio € handled for clients

thousand activations

Total System Failures